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Song List
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 *Curriculum Song Book- Date Revised: 1/11/2022  
 2 Kings 2:11-12- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 A Follower of Jesus- Date Revised: 3/24/2020  
 A Happy Family- Date Revised: 3/14/2014  
 A Happy Place  
 A Helper I Will Be  
 Abraham Obeyed God  
 Absalom- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 Achan- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Acts 2- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 Acts 22:16- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 An Angel Helped Peter- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Ananias and Saphira- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Angry Words- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Anointing King Saul- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Away in a Manger  
 Be Kind to Others  
 Be Unselfish- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 Be Ye Kind to One Another- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Being Kind to Others  
 Believing in the Lord- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Bow Your Head- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Cain and Abel  
 Called Christians- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 Children, Do You Love Jesus?- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Choose You This Day  
 Christ Built His Church- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Come and Go With Me  
 Cornelius, the Gentile- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Creation Song  
 Crossing the Red Sea  
 Daniel- Date Revised: 1/7/2020  
 Daniel Always Prayed- Date Revised: 1/7/2020  
 Daniel Made Good Choices- Date Revised: 1/10/2020  
 Daniel Prayed to God- Date Revised: 1/10/2020  
 David- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 David Sang to God- Date Revised: 11/27/2018  
 David's Song- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 David: Shepherd, Musician, Soldier, Friend, King- Date Revised: 11/27/2018  
 Days of Creation  
 Do Not Fear  
 Do You Know that Jesus Died?- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Do You Obey  
 Dorcas Was Raised- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Dying for the Cause of Christ- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Elijah and Elisha- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 Elijah, a Man of God- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 Elijah, a Prophet of God- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 Ephesians 6:1- Date Revised: 2/28/2018  
 Eutychus- Date Revised: 3/24/2020  
 Faith, Obedience, and Authority- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Five Loaves and Two Fishes  
 Four Fishermen  
 Four Fishermen- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 From Elijah to Elisha- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 Fruit of the Spirit  
 Go Everywhere- Date Revised: 2/22/2019  
 Go, Go Preach the Word- Date Revised: 6/8/2018  
 God Built the Church- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 God Created Me- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 God Gave Me My Family  
 God Is Listening  
 God Is So Good  
 God Is With Me- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 God Takes Care of Me- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 God Took Care of Elijah- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 God Wants Us to Obey  
 God's Little Children Love Living Right  
 Good Ol' Noah Built and Ark  
 Have Patience- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 He Careth for Me  
 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands  
 He's My King- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Healing the Lame Man- Date Revised: 3/1/2018  
 Hear, O Israel- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Helping Hands  
 I Am Special  
 I Can Be A Follower  
 I Can Be a Missionary- Date Revised: 3/1/2018  
 I Can Talk to God- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus- Date Revised: 3/24/2020  
 I Know the Lord Will Find a Way for Me- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 I Like to Pray to God- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 I Look in the Bible- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 I Love Jesus- Date Revised: 2/22/2019  
 I Love the Bible- Date Revised: 1/2/2020  
 I Tell Everyone About Jesus  
 I Want to Be a Worker  
 I Will Always Tell the Truth- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 I Will God Obey- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 I Will Listen- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 I Will Pray- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 I'll Be Like Him- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 I'm a Hard Fighting Soldier on the Battlefield- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 I'm Glad I Have a Friend- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 I'm Happy Today- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 I've Got Peace Like a River  
 I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart  
 If You're Sorry and You Know It- Date Revised: 6/8/2018  
 If Your Words Are Sweet as Honey- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 Into Our Hands- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Isaac the Peacemaker  
 It Isn't Trouble to S-M-I-L-E  
 J-E-S-U-S- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 J-O-Y- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Jacob had One Dozen Sons  
 Jacob's Lie  
 Jacob's Stew  
 Jealous King Saul- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Jericho's Falling- Date Revised: 3/1/2018  
 Jesus Betrayed and Denied- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Jesus Called Four Fishermen- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Jesus Called Matthew- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Jesus Called Them One by One- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Jesus Calls Us, Too- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Jesus Chose His Twelve Apostles  
 Jesus is All the World to Me  
 Jesus is Our Friend  
 Jesus Loves Everybody- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 Jesus Loves Me  
 Jesus Loves the Little Children  
 Jesus Stilled the Storm  
 Jesus Taught Us How to Pray  
 Jesus Was a Child Like You  
 Jesus Was a Friend to the Blind Man- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Jesus Was Betrayed- Date Revised: 3/1/2018  
 Jesus' First Miracle  
 John the Baptizer  
 Jonah Song- Date Revised: 11/27/2019  
 Jonah, Won't You Go?- Date Revised: 11/27/2019  
 Joseph's Song  
 Kindness Is...  
 Let the Lord Use Us- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Let Us Freely Give- Date Revised: 11/15/2019  
 Let's Put Away Lying- Date Revised: 3/1/2018  
 Listen to My Words  
 Little Feet Be Carefull  
 Lord, I Love You- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 Love is Something if You Give it Away- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Love the Lord- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Love, Love  
 Lydia- Date Revised: 5/22/2019  
 Lydia- Date Revised: 3/24/2020  
 Make Me a Servant- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Mary Had a Baby  
 Mary, Martha, and Lazarus  
 My Savior Has a First Name  
 Nadab and Abihu- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Noah Noah Build an Ark  
 O How I Love Jesus- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Obeying Those in Charge- Date Revised: 12/6/2018  
 Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See  
 Oh Zacchaeus  
 Oh, We Must Be Kind- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 Old Testament Books  
 Older Means Wiser- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 On the Day of Pentecost- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 On Top of Mt. Sinai  
 One Body, The Church- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 Our Lord Went Back to God- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Our Tabernacles- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 P-H-I-L-I-P- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Patient Job- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Paul and Barnabas- Date Revised: 3/24/2020  
 Peter and John- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 Philip and the Eunuch- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 Plan of Salvation  
 Preach, Philip, Preach- Date Revised: 2/11/2020  
 Queen Esther- Date Revised: 1/7/2020  
 Read Your Bible, Pray Everyday  
 Rejoice in the Lord Always, and Again I Say Rejoice- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Repent- Date Revised: 11/27/2019  
 Roll the Gospel Chariot  
 Row, Row With a Friend- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Ruth Loved Naomi- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 S-A-M-S-O-N- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Samson- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Samson- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Samuel Was His Name- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Saul and the Woman of En Dor- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Saul of Tarsus- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Saul Who Was Called Paul- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 Seven Sayings from the Cross- Date Revised: 4/16/2019  
 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego- Date Revised: 1/7/2020  
 Sing a Song of Heaven- Date Revised: 8/30/2019  
 Someone's in the Fiery Furnace- Date Revised: 1/7/2020  
 Song of Ruth- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Study Your Bible Every Day- Date Revised: 3/24/2020  
 Tell, Tell, Tell the Truth  
 Ten Men with Leprosy  
 Ten Plagues Song  
 Ten Poor Lepers  
 The Acts of Worship  
 The B-I-B-L-E  
 The Bible  
 The Bible is God's Word  
 The Boy Jesus  
 The Church- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 The Church Was Built by Christ- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 The Family of God- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 The Fiery Furnace- Date Revised: 1/7/2020  
 The Four Fishermen- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 The Fruit of the Spirit- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 The Fruit Song- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 The Israelites Complained  
 The Judges- Date Revised: 9/4/2018  
 The Lost Lamb- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 The More We Read the Bible  
 The Parable of the Prodigal Son  
 The Philippian Jailer- Date Revised: 5/10/2019  
 The Prodigal Son  
 The Ten Commandments  
 The Twelve Apostles  
 The Widow Gave to God- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock- Date Revised: 3/1/2018  
 There Was a Man Named Jonah- Date Revised: 11/27/2019  
 There's Not a Book Like the Holy Bible- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 These Are the Sons of Jacob  
 They Cut Branches- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 This Is My Father's World- Date Revised: 3/2/2018  
 This Is the Way to Grow in Christ- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 This Little Christian Light of Mine  
 Thomas Would Not Believe- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Three Good Men- Date Revised: 1/7/2020  
 Three Wandering Jews  
 Time to Talk to God- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 To Be Like Jesus- Date Revised: 3/24/2020  
 Trust and Obey- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  
 We Can Be a Follower of Jesus- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 We Can Talk to God- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 We're So Glad Jesus Lives!- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 What God Has Given  
 What if All the Raindrops Were Lemon Drops and Gumdrops?- Date Revised: 6/8/2018  
 What Must I Do to Be Saved- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 What You Have- Date Revised: 3/1/2018  
 When We Pray for Each Other  
 Where are the Nine  
 Whisper A Prayer  
 Who Does Jesus Love?- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Who is on the Lord's Side  
 Why Can't I Be Happy All the Time- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Why Did My Savior Come to Earth?- Date Revised: 2/15/2019  
 Will You Be a Friend of Mine- Date Revised: 7/10/2017  
 Wise Kids  
 Worship- Date Revised: 11/30/2018  
 You Are My Father- Date Revised: 5/15/2018  
 Young Jesus  
 Zacchaeus Climbed a Tree  
 Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man  
 Zacchaeus Was His Name  
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