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· Updates: Keep in mind that lessons throughout the curriculum are being updated and improved constantly. In order to take advantage of the latest versions, it is advised that the lessons for each quarter not be printed out too far in advance. Also, be sure to “refresh” the browser after opening a lesson to insure that you have the latest version.
· Printing: The lessons were laid out in book form, using the front and back of each page. If the lessons are printed using only the front side of each page, there will be blank pages in various lessons. To print, open the lesson, right click on the lesson, and select print.
· Version: The NKJV Bible is used for Scripture references throughout the curriculum, unless otherwise noted.
Curriculum Outline
Exploring God's Word Outline
  Old Testament 1
Part 1- Exploring God's World
Part 2- Bible Firsts

  Old Testament 2
Part 1- Abraham Map Study
Part 2- ISRAEL

  New Testament 1
Part 1- Early Life of Christ
Part 2- The Sermon on the Mount

  New Testament 2
Part 1- Miracles Show Jesus' Great Power
Part 2- Jesus the Master Teacher

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